Enabling Technology Innovation in Healthcare and the Life Sciences
Robotic arm used for class demonstration on futuristic healthcare applications
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Photo from Classroom Simulation exercise on Feb 16th, 2012
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
Thursdays, 4:00pm-7:00pm (lecture and tutorial)
Starting February 5th, 2015
MIT Sloan School of Management, Building E51 (Tang Bldg) Room 372
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Open to students in all graduate school departments of Harvard and MIT.

This innovative course is taught at Harvard Medical School and MIT each spring, beginning its fourteenth year in February 2015. It is cross-listed in the course catalogues of divisions of both universities.

Innovation in healthcare requires leaders who are trained to think and act like entrepreneurs. Whether at a hospital bedside, patient's home, or resource-poor region of the U.S. or a developing nation, healthcare leaders must understand both the business of running a healthcare organization and how to provide timely, affordable, quality patent care. Each week, the course features a lecture and skills-based tutorial session led by an industry or academic leader. The lecture provides the foundation for faculty-mentored work on industry, student, or non-profit sponsored projects that may involve creation of a market or business plan, product development, or a study design.

The core faculty team brings to the students a complementary set of experiences and skill sets that create a mentoring environment and 'think tank' like incubator experience that promotes creative idea generation and provides a comprehensive perspective for evaluating the evolving healthcare and biolifescience industry landscape.

The combined faculty's area of expertise encompasses managed care practice, medical/clinical patient care, medical and bioinformatics, consumer health informatics, technology innovation and business operations experience. In addition to the core faculty team, guest faculty from leadership positions from within academics and industry help to guide students and their project ideas with a 'firm feet on the ground' mentality.

Combining the ongoing practice of medicine with working in the business of healthcare, the interdisciplinary faculty and student teams over the last 14 years have worked on projects to develop technology and service based solutions that can make an impact on the contemporary healthcare business environment.